Zortrax Inkspire  in Italy - first Impression

Zortrax came out with the all new Zortrax Inkspire. 3DP World as the unique Distributor in Italy had the oportunity to test the first Inkspire in Italy. 

Starter Kit

The Printer comes with all the basic tools which allow the user to start printing without any delay

Home Screen

Once the Printer is installed with the Firmware we can see the Home screen, which is very esy to understand and userfriendly 


The Calibration process is very easy and you just need few minutes to do it. Make sure to follow the onsreen instructions. 

Adding Resin

Fill the tank with resin. The resin level must fit the MIN and MAX marks.

Tell the Printer which Resin is Loaded 

Send the Files to Print

The Inkspire comes with the Wif or Itaneti connectivity. Make sure the Printer is connected to the network and send the Zcode over the Z SUITE to the Printer. 

There is always the other alternative of using the USB Key to insert the files to the printer

with Few Clicks you can start the printing process

Zortrax Inkspre comes with the option to change the Print settings on screen. So if you have the Z-codex and need to print with another Resin Just change the settings on the file without having the hazle to recreating a new zcodex

Amzing Quality Easy to use

The first impression is very impresive. The quality and the userfreindlyness is amazing. As new users to the Resin LCD technology we found it vey plug and play and the quality of course unbeatable. 

3D Printing Farm

The new Zortrax Inkspire takes us to the new level of Production. Any small company now can create an small 3D printing farm unsing the all new Zortrax Inkspire, M300 Plus and M200 Plus which will defenetly allow the users to control all the printers using just one computer!

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